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Cat Green Bike, Lulu & the Lampshades: Saturday UkeTube

Cat Green Bike, Lulu & the Lampshades: Saturday UkeTube

Coastal towns beginning with ‘Bri’ seem to be uke hotspots at the moment. This week Brighton representative is Sophie Madeleine (she’s finally got her own YouTube channel). And Bristol is represented by Cat Green Bike (whose Breakbeat/Thrash/Concrete EP is rather fantastic) and Lulu and the Lampshades (this video, despite being uke-less, is a must-watch). And watching this video, it looks like Rocky and Balls might have been formed in Bristol.

I expect a Bridlington ukulele explosion any day now.

Also this week is a video of Humble Pie era Steve Marriott playing uke (and thanks to Grant for drawing my attention to it). “If I’m a foot, then you’re my sock.” How romantic.

Cat Green Bike – Gone To Get Geese/Pretty Little Lob

Steve Marriott – Say No More

Sophie Madeleine – Take Your Love With Me

Helouisa/Lulu and the Lampshades – Imapasse

Baron – Queen of Spades

chipswow – Poker Face

evalenza – Summertime

Tim Koch – Old Man

Daddy Stovepipe – Macon Rag

White Hinterland – Mon Amie La Rose/Vessels

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