HoneyBody & the MoonBees, Argyle Smile: Saturday UkeTube

This week’s videos include Ingrid Michaelson covering Bon Iver, Argyle Smile playing with dominoes, Tinyfolk, a girl called Jose, Watercolor Paintings and some adorable ukulele puppets. But this week I’m particularly taken with Tristen and Emily Ritz’s HoneyBody and the Moonbees.

One video that didn’t make the cut is this clip of Tiny Tim freaking out a room full of kids. “The whole world is drowning A-ho-ho ho-ho.”

Btw, if all the videos don’t show up then refresh the page. They are all there somewhere.

U900 – Diamond Head

Thanks to Byjimini who was sharp witted enough to download this before it disappeared and re-up it. Because it is way to good.

Tristen – Baby Drugs

HoneyBody and the MoonBees – Cough Syrup

Argyle Smile – Every Song

Jose Vanders – For Now

Neal Paisley – Blues Uke

Kenneth Smith – UnPrecedented Blues

Tinyfolk – Young Adult Friction

Watercolor Paintings – Shower

Ingrid Michaelson – Skinny Love

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  1. todd July 25th, 2009 9:47 pm

    really enjoyed argyle smile, tiny folk, and watercolor paintings this week…..especially tinyfolk and watercolor paintings….something about the 2 to 2.5 minute songs….. :)

    oh….and the bunny video was very cute… and good fun! :)

  2. Franny July 26th, 2009 12:02 am

    The HoneyBody and the MoonBees are my favourite this week. Their stuff is fantastic! Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

  3. ronhale July 26th, 2009 1:29 am

    Emily Ritz, Cough Syrup, should watch the Emily Wells video, Take It Easy, San Francisco (posted on-site Jan. 17, ’09). If she hasn’t already, that is.

  4. Iain July 26th, 2009 9:29 am

    Loved Argyll Smile. If anything deserves to become a YouTube sensation thingy, that does.

  5. Woodshed July 26th, 2009 11:54 am

    todd: And both those two are baritone acts.

    Franny: You’re welcome. Emily Ritz is really great.

    ronhale: They’re both very good acts.

    Iain: It is a really compelling video. And they’re actually doing something with the dominoes.

    But a falling domino having enough pressure to squeeze a toothpaste tube? Myth busted.

  6. PaulC July 26th, 2009 7:15 pm

    “You say I’m lost. I disagree. The map has changed, and with it me.”

    That has been one of my favourite videos for a long time! Thanks for the smile.

  7. griemers July 27th, 2009 12:26 am

    Ingrid is fantastic. Love her Compass Rose uke. If you haven’t heard it yet, her song “This is For” is one of my new favorites. It has a perfectly gorgeous uke part. Would love to find some tabs/chords for it (hint, hint) ….

  8. Woodshed July 27th, 2009 3:07 pm

    Paul: Glad you like it.

    griemers: I’m not familiar with that one. I’ll go check it out.

  9. Armelle July 27th, 2009 8:35 pm

    Catching up on a backlog of Uke Hunt posts… My favourites of this week’s Uke Tube are Argyle Smile and Tinyfolk but I also like Neal Paisley’s Blues Uke.

  10. mute July 28th, 2009 10:54 pm

    Argyle smile – Wow!
    Great song and serious time and effort for a brilliant video, reminded me a bit of Elliot Smith.

    Great Afro too.

  11. Woodshed July 29th, 2009 5:46 pm

    Armelle: Yeah, Neal Paisley is always worth a watch.

    mute: I’m a bit conflicted by videos like that. They’re great to watch. But I get to the end and realise I have no idea what the song sounds like.

  12. Argyle Smile - Every Song | Uker Tabs July 30th, 2009 9:35 am

    […] great track off of the most recent UkeTube. Once again, not 100% on this stuff, so if you see glaring mistakes (or that I plain just screwed […]

  13. Alan July 30th, 2009 12:22 pm

    Love the Kenneth Smith “Unprecedented Blues” clip.
    Would really like the words and chords for that one.
    Any chance?
    Keep up the good work!


  14. Woodshed August 1st, 2009 10:18 am

    Alan: Probably the best thing to do is contact Kenneth through his YouTube. I’m sure he’ll give you some pointers.

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