HoneyBody & the MoonBees, Argyle Smile: Saturday UkeTube

This week’s videos include Ingrid Michaelson covering Bon Iver, Argyle Smile playing with dominoes, Tinyfolk, a girl called Jose, Watercolor Paintings and some adorable ukulele puppets. But this week I’m particularly taken with Tristen and Emily Ritz’s HoneyBody and the Moonbees.

One video that didn’t make the cut is this clip of Tiny Tim freaking out a room full of kids. “The whole world is drowning A-ho-ho ho-ho.”

Btw, if all the videos don’t show up then refresh the page. They are all there somewhere.

U900 – Diamond Head

Thanks to Byjimini who was sharp witted enough to download this before it disappeared and re-up it. Because it is way to good.

Tristen – Baby Drugs

HoneyBody and the MoonBees – Cough Syrup

Argyle Smile – Every Song

Jose Vanders – For Now

Neal Paisley – Blues Uke

Kenneth Smith – UnPrecedented Blues

Tinyfolk – Young Adult Friction

Watercolor Paintings – Shower

Ingrid Michaelson – Skinny Love

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