The Do – Stay Just A Little Bit More (Chords)

The Do – Stay Just A Little Bit More (Chords)

It’s really saying something when even I’m bored of the sound of ukuleles in adverts. I’ve been back and forth over whether this one actually is a uke. I think it sounds like a violin being played ukulele style.

The song is in the key of B. So I’ve moved everything up a fret to make it more uke-friendly. If you want to play in the original key tune down a semi-tone.

It’s all easy going up to the middle section when you have to start messing with a G# chord. I’ve put the usual chord shapes in the chart, but you might be better off keeping your ring finger on the G string (4th fret for the G chord and 5th fret for the Cm chord) as it makes the G# transition a little easier.

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