Southside Cemetery Choir: Monday Exposure

Southside Cemetery Choir – Raise the Dead/Raise a Family (MP3)
Southside Cemetrry Choir – Weightlessly in Love (MP3) via Sleeping in the Aviary

How could I resist featuring a band who call their debut album If We Bury You Ass Up, We’ll Have a Place to Park My Bike?

Southside Cemetery Choir is a side project of Sleeping in the Aviary (who have the the best worst website I’ve ever seen). Once a week they’d head off to a graveyard, spend an hour writing songs and record the results.

Judging by the tracks on the album (many of which feature the uke) it’s a policy many bands should adopt. There are a few I’d like to see take up permanent residence in a cemetery.

You can download the full album for free here.

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  1. Donnie Bubbles September 8th, 2009 2:20 am

    My new favorite band! Thanks again….

  2. krabbers September 8th, 2009 8:37 am

    sounds very arcade fire

  3. George Stone September 8th, 2009 9:06 am

    Absolutely disgusting!! are you as nerd? not funny,
    maybe they have place to park them bike, on you
    just kidding, GS
    PD: So good work with the Ventures, but now you ruin it all

  4. cardboardfrog September 8th, 2009 2:44 pm

    loved the track, like the concept and love the album title!

  5. Woodshed September 13th, 2009 9:16 am

    Donnie: You’re welcome.

    krabbers: They do at times, I’ll give you that.

    George: Yes, I’m definitely a nerd.

    cbf: I’ve definitely heard the bike parking reference before. Can’t remember where.

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