To Buy: Ukulele Shopping List

1. KoAloha Sceptre – I’ve been lusting after one of these since they first came out two years ago. And listening to Jason Arimoto, Terry Kinakin and Alvin Okami’s mythologising just exacerbated it.

2. Le Domino – Surely the coolest ukulele ever made.

3. National Resonator – So I can play as loud as a banjolele without having to play a banjolele.

4. G-String James Hill Custom – Because if I get one then I’ll definitely be able to play like James Hill.

5. Martin Style 3 – They appeal to me more than the 5K. Don’t have quite the same air of conspicuous consumption.

6. Pono Mango Pineapple – In the past I’ve been less than enthusiastic about spalted mango and pineapple ukuleles. But I still want one of these.

7. Kala Archtop – Because I want to be just like Christofer Drew Ingle. hes like so totally dreamy lolz

8. Brunswick Telecaster – I’m too cheap to get a K-Wave, so this will do nicely.

9. Obama with uke dashboard doll – The phrase ‘Only in America’ was invented for items like this. I don’t think there are many people buying Gordon-Brown-plays-the-bassoon hood ornaments.

What’s on your shopping list?

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