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Hello from Venice!* Since I haven’t been spending 17 hours a day scouring the internets for ukulele links, I don’t have anything new to share. So here are some links to places that are awesome and don’t get the attention they deserve.

There are a bunch of great sites in French:

Ukulele Dav – tabs from Roy Smeck and other ukulele classics.
Des Cordes et Du Bois – more excellent tabs including many classical pieces.
Ukulpic – Chords, tabs, indie ukulele music. Sounds like a good idea for a blog.
Le Soir Ukulele Sessions – Top notch take-away type sessions.

Jeff’s Humble Uker Ramblings is always packed with great photos and interesting info. Some recent posts well worth checking out:

Buying a 2nd ukulele.
Confessions of a Martin collector
Interview with Winin’ Boy

Jake Wildwood’s Antebellum Instruments is packed with pictures of wonderfully restored vintage ukuleles along with mandolins, banjos and guitars. But my favourites are the unusual stringed instruments that cross his path.

Octofone – so named because it’s supposed to be 8 instruments in one.
Fretless banjo – give it a listen here.
Unmarked Archtop Guitar
Bohm Waldzither

*Actually, I’m writing this beforehand and I’m in still in Derby – the Venice of the Midlands.

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