Kalei Gamiao, Dithyrambe, Siri Nilsen: Saturday UkeTube

Most diverting act of the week has to be Dithyrambe who are a cross between Marie Antoinette, Maria Callas, The Tiger Lillies and The Re-Entrants. But the standout video this week is Kalei Gamiao with some incredible playing. Impressive enough to draw attention away from his Kim Jong Il outfit. Also this week is Cousin Alice doing what should be a Bond theme, Siri Nilsen (a Norwegian with an incredible voice) and Ulysses & The Swans (whose song I’ve been back and forth on liking, but the singer is handsome so it’s in).

A big thanks to Samantha for pointing me in the direction of Jennifer Teeter who is hilarious. Just don’t watch her video while you’re eating. Or before you eat. Or after you eat.

Kalei Gamiao – Mach 4

Dithyrambe – Highway to Hell/Billie Jean/Cotton Eyed Joe

Jennifer Teeter – My Tapeworm

Siri Nilsen

Craig Robertson – Chelsea Hotel #2

Cousin Alice – Swinging on Rainbows

Ken Middleton – Time After Time (Improvisation)

Ulysses & The Swans – This Place

The Pierces – Turn on Billie

The Fancy Dress Party

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