James Bond Theme (Simplified Tab)

James Bond Theme (Simplified Tab)


Last in the series of Easy Themes is a reworking of the James Bond Theme. And it’s still not all that easy. I’ve tried to reduce that amount of switching between picking and strumming, but there’s still a lot of it.

The first two bars is done with the thumb on the G string, index on the E strings and middle on the A string. The next section has the thumb on the G and strumming the other strings. The main theme is all strums. The most difficult section is the one that begins with bar 19. This part combines a bit of all those mixed up.

The coda strays a bit far up the neck. If you haven’t got access up to the 14th fret, you could try it this way:

james bond ukulele tab

It doesn’t sound quite right but you might just get away with it.

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