Ukulele Prom DVD, New World Record: Friday Links

You can pre-order your copy of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s already legendary Proms performance on their website and watch a clip of it here.

New Zealand builds a human ukulele out of 961 kids and set a new world record.

Der Spiegal talks about the London ukulele scene (the entertainingly translated version) with Tricity Vogue, Eleanor from the “BonnyMcGees” and Mighty Ukulele who list the ukulele events in London.

Rolf Harris’s ukulele Christmas song. (Thanks – sort of – to Andy).

Build a Pez dispenser humidifier.

Cherryade’s Christmas album includes Uke Hunt favourites The Bobby McGee (who are ripping me off good and proper) and ‘Allo Darlin’.

On Uker Tabs: Corinne Bailey Rae’s cover of Editors’ Munich, Lust for Life by Girls and The XX – Islands.

Obviously all the models are playing ukulele – another to add to the list is Maxim cover (NSFW) girl Jessica Warner – but you know something’s really fashionable when the luge champions start doing it – Bartt has pictures of Kate Hansen ukeing and lugeing if you need the proof.

MP3s: My Crazy Music Blog and newdust have a couple from Galapaghost. And I recorded a couple myself: Eye of the Tiger (for a trailer for a film about chess-boxing) and The Bar-Kays’ Soul Finger (just for giggles).

In the comments: Ron Hale’s been kicking things off again with his appraisal of Dent May and campness.

Photos: Ukulele player practicing on the seawall, time has told me, Ukulele Girl

Is it a good idea to microwave a ukulele? (Thanks to April in Autumn).

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  1. Acilius November 20th, 2009 6:11 pm

    Love that human uke! And if those boys had heard you play “Eye of the Tiger,” they could never have smashed that instrument and put the wreckage in the microwave. That video really bothered me, I’d have to say.

  2. Nick B-C. November 20th, 2009 6:31 pm

    …Love the Der Spiegal translation…A handy tool that has fallen into oblivion…also involved in the popularization of the nose…my word..I’m a bit dissapointed that the lugeing and uking wasn’t simultaneous…Right I’m back to my indoor accessory from oblivion, to work on my bonsai talent…

  3. Woodshed November 21st, 2009 11:37 am

    Acilius: I wasn’t entirely keen on the video either – a blatant rip-off of Will It Blend?

    Nick: Enjoy your funny shrink guitar.

  4. Alec November 21st, 2009 11:38 am

    I see you obeyed me about posting twice a day. Thanks, I’m satisfied now.

    You know it’s fashionable when this cafe I’m sitting in in Korea has eight people having a group ukulele lesson across the room.

  5. Woodshed November 23rd, 2009 8:59 pm

    Alec: I hope you directed them to this site ;)

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