Ukulele Quiz 2009

Back when I had an office job I used to spend at least a week before Christmas looking for things to waste my time on. So here’s my contribution to the wellbeing of my wage-enslaved brethren. And, of course, anyone else looking to play along.

– Grab a piece of paper
– Display your uke knowledge
– Check the answers here (no peeking)
– Leave your score in the comments along with your dangs/woohoos.

Ukuleles at the Movies

In which film…

1. … does Steve Martin sing Tonight You Belong to Me?
2. … does Adam Sandler serenade Drew Barrymore with a ukulele?
3. … does Zac Efron play the ukulele?
4. … did William H Macy and Kate Micucci star this year?
5. … does the ukulele song Peg-Legged Father feature?

Name the Group

Which ukulele group is made up of…

6. Dave, Peter, Hester, George, Richie, Kitty, Will and Jonty?
7. Age, Bret, Gemma, Sam, Steve, Francis, Megan, Andy, Dan, Carmel, Nigel and Bek?
8. Gus and Finn?
9. Jimmy, Eleanor, Graeme and Becca?
10. Phil and Ian?

Know Your Maker

Who makes a ukulele called the…

11. Eleuke?
12. Sceptre?
13. Pa’ina?
14. Uke’Ellie?
15. High Tide?

Whose Ukulele?






Click for larger version. It might help *wink*

Lyrics Round

Which ukulele act sang…

21. Knee deep in flowers we’ll stray/We’ll keep the showers away?
22. In five years time we could be walking round a zoo/With the sun shining down over me and you?
23. Michael’s far too drunk/He’s watching YouTube videos/And I’ll be in the corner reading poetry and prose?
24. And like can lead to like-like/And like-like can lead to love?
25. I can see from your information/You like Japanese animation/And stir fry?


What is the name of the uker behind the nom de tube

26. jaaaaaaa?
27. sweetafton23?
28. seeso?
29. NaluMusic?
30. monsterbazz?

Long Players

This year, which ukulele act released the album…

31. Annon?
32. True Love Don’t Weep?
33. I Made You a CD but I Eated It?
34. Life. Love. Ukulele.?
35. Under the Mystic?

Upon Finding the Studio Ukulele

Which band performed a ukulele version of their song…

36. Talking Bird?
37. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You?
38. Worried About Ray?
39. Ripchord?
40. Tangerine Visions?


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