Phredd – Phreddtastic: Monday Exposure

Phredd, being a purveyor of goofy songs for kids songs and worship songs, is an act I would expect to hate. Yet he has a knack of winning over grumpy atheists like me and Craig Robertson. I think it’s because his songs sound naturally fun. It’s so easy for this sort of thing to sound forced and done by the numbers. But he always gives the impression that this is what he’d be doing anyway. You certainly don’t get an attitude of, “That’ll do, it’s only for kids,” that a lot of children’s acts come with.

Phredd has a brand new album out, Phreddtastic!, which is packed with good-timing tunes about about monkeys, pirates and monkey pirates.

Highly recommended for anyone who gets the occasional urge to dance around their bedroom like a monkey pirate (no matter how grown up and grumpy they pretend they are the rest of the time).

Essential tracks: Zoo in Space, 4 Monkey Pirates, 42 Monkeys.

You can get the CD on WJTL, pick up the MP3s on iTunes, subscribe to his YouTube and visit him on Phredd Central.

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