Ukulele Videos: Most Popular

More than any site (yes, even this one) YouTube has been the place been have first encountered the ukulele and had an urge to pick one up. Here are the most popular ukulele videos on the site.

Tiny McItchyFace (uke3453) – I’m Yours

Why is it popular? The unbearable cuteness of this video spread across the net and was picked up by weblebrities Perez Hilton, the Huffington Post and Jason Mraz himself.

Want to hear more? See more videos on his YouTube channel.

Learn to play it I’m Yours tabs and chords

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Why is it popular? The laid-back, uplifting vibe of Iz’s version of the song has lead to it being the most used piece of ukulele music in films and TV. It’s cropped up in Fifty First Dates, Scrubs, Meet Joe Black and, acccording to IMDB, Snakes on a Plane along with many others.

Want to hear more? Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Facing Future

Learn to play it Somewhere Over the Rainbow chords

Jake Shimabukuro – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Why is it popular? Jake’s bravura performance of this tune for Midnight Ukulele Disco has become the video for demonstrating the possibilities of the ukulele. It has been the number one video for changing perceptions of what the ukulele can do.

Want to hear more? Jake Shimabukuro – Gently Weeps

Learn to play it Make your own version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Pockets – Kazookeylele: The Final Countdown

Why is it popular? The unbeatable giggle value of seeing a mash-up of a toy piano, ukulele and kazoo.

Want to hear more? Download Pockets MP3s

Learn to play it Final Countdown tab

Julia Nunes – Bulid Me Up Buttercup

Why is it popular? Julia Nunes became a smash on YouTube after being featured there and has since launched a million bedroom ukulele players.

Want to hear more? Julia Nunes – I Wrote These

Learn to play it Build Me Up Buttercup Chords

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