Phoenix – Lisztomania (Riff)

I think this would be a great song for ukulele orchestras. It’s got a really interesting arrangement: simple chords, a bunch of little riffs to play, plenty of space in the arrangement and some nice dynamics (I might rant on this next week). It’s in the key of C. And it sounds great sung chorally.

There are three little riffs in the song a one bar riff, a two bar riff and an eight bar riff.

The first riff from the keyboard:

The first guitar riff:

The second guitar riff is worth playing with pick and some damping (letting the underside of your hand rest gently on the strings just in front of the bridge).

And all of them on one tab:

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Tab)

Here’s my attempt at putting them all together.


Requested by Gerado.

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