Kasabian – Vlad the Impaler (Riff)


Richard Ayoade makes some great videos but the one he made for Vlad the Impaler is a whole new level of astounding. Not least because of Noel Fielding’s moustache.

The bass riff, of course, doesn’t work on ukulele at all. But why should that stop us?

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  1. mictoboy March 21st, 2010 7:41 pm

    nice work on a tricky riff. and you’re right about the video, it’s a cracker (the song’s pretty good too, although not my favourite kasabian tune).

  2. Jimmy March 21st, 2010 9:07 pm

    Song and album are both a bit cack, but I love things that don’t belong on ukulele and even more do I love the fielding <3

  3. Rob NY March 21st, 2010 11:54 pm

    Cool video, nice riff.

  4. Woodshed March 26th, 2010 10:02 am

    mictoboy: This is my favourite song of theirs as well as video.

    Jimmy: I wouldn’t go as far as ‘cack’ but I am at a loss to explain how they got so popular.

    Rob: Glad you like it.

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