Jonsi – Go Do (Baritone Tab)

Jonsi – Go Do (Tab)

For the people who, quite sensibly, don’t bother reading these bits: YOU NEED TO RETUNE TO EABE.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Sigur Ros. So I was very pleased to hear Jonsi was sporting a ukulele. And I love this tune. It’s glorious. I love it so much I even busted out my Ohana baritone to work it out. You can tell how little use it gets; my fingers tips were black by the time I’d finished.

I worked out this version from the stripped-down acoustic version he’s been performing although you can play exactly the same thing along with the studio version.


He’s using the tuning EABE. Which means you have to tune the D string and the G string up a tone.

But it doesn’t present any major problems to play it in standard tuning. You’ll just have to move everything on the D string up two frets. For example, the first bit of the verse would be played like this:

The only problem you’ll have is in the strummed section. The best thing to do there is block the G-string from ringing.


Thumb on the 4th string.
Index finger on the 2nd string.
Middle finger on the 1st string.

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