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The Bernadottes, Pat LePoidevin: UkeTube

The Bernadottes, Pat LePoidevin: UkeTube

I almost broken my golden rule this week by posting Taimane’s cover of Eleanor Rigby. But in the end she got elbowed out by some less expected covers of tunes by NWA, Iron Maiden and Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Also up is a performance by Heather Smith at the Chicago Ukulele Cabaret. You can read a rundown of the event here (thanks to Anne for alerting me to that) but the main reason to read it is to see Ted from the original Ukulele Cabaret getting uppity about them stealing the name in the comments.

Muntaner Duo – Tamacun

Thanks Loic.

Pat LePoidevin – Rocket Boy

The Bernadottes – Impulskontroll

Lil Rev and Gerald Ross – Wonderfully Askew

Neal Paisley – Promenade

Amanda Palmer – Fuck Tha Police and Do You Swear… NSFW if there was any doubt

Tiny Tim Overdrive – Pump Up the Jam

Heather Smith – He Needs Me

roothub – Wasted Years

UKISOCIETY – I Got Mauled by a Chimpanzee at the Mall

smathryn – Jealous of the Moon

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