Sanford and Son Theme (Tab)

Quincy Jones – Sanford and Son Theme (Tab)

Sanford and Son never made it over here so I’m wasn’t very familiar with the theme tune before I started working on my version. Which might explain whey I go rogue at a few points in the arrangement. Particularly in the middle section where I’m improvising between the main theme (although the main theme itself isn’t very strong in this section).

There are a couple of techniques you’ll need to use quite extensively in the tune: right-hand muting (resting the underside of your hand on the strings just in front of the bridge) and strum blocking. Strum-blocking is something I’ll have to write a full post about. Briefly, it involves playing single notes by strumming and blocking the strings you’re not playing by muting with left-hand fingers (or right-hand fingers if you’re left handed). The advantages of this way of playing is that it gives you more attack and makes it easier to switch between chords and single notes.

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