Ukulelia Back, South Park References: Friday Links

I’m officially the number one ukulele site again.

Ukulelia returns after falling down the back of the internet. Don’t forget to update your subscription too. The old one isn’t working.

Amanda Palmer promises an EP of Radiohead covers on ukulele.

In the comments: Good knowledge from David, Foxboy and 4DJB25 who pointed out that South Park’s Tardicaca Hula Gal references Sol Hoopi’i’s Hula Girl and the Warner Brother’s exploding musical instrument tune Endearing Young Charms.

Emily Ritz’s Honeycomb turn in an incredible session for Chasing the Moon. They just keep getting better.

Ukulele act, the Blackbirds are doing well in Australia’s Got Talent.

Mrs. Myrtle Graesch (R) playing the ukelele for dancers Earl and Margie Zinn (L) in Gay 90’s revue (thanks to Jenny Flame).

Apple have finally released the iPad over here. If you’re looking for a justification to buy one (and I frantically am because I can’t think of one) here are 4 iPad apps that can make you a better musician and here’s Lang Lang playing the iPad.

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  1. Howlin' Hobbit May 29th, 2010 4:53 am

    Honeycomb may be great but Vimeo is teh suck. I sat and waited for the damn video to load (streaming? ha!) and when it *finally* did, the audio was completely fupped duck.

    On the other paw, the Blackbirds were a bit of splendid. Talented, tasteful and smooooth. Plus, the gal is several steps beyond hot. Not required, of course. But I’m not so old that I didn’t get a bit of a pitapat in the old heart watching her.

    Oh yeah. I don’t care what the intarwebs say one way or the other. Your site is da ono kine with me and has been for quite a while now. Congrats nonetheless.

  2. Jim D'Ville May 29th, 2010 5:38 am

    Welcome back to #1, Al!

  3. Donnie Bubbles May 29th, 2010 8:06 pm

    iPad Justification: Copied all my tabs, chord sheets and UkeHunt eBooks onto mine last night – much better than the 300 pg binder I used to carry around. Not enough to set off the cost by itself, but with all the other ways I use it daily, I am very happy with the purchase.

  4. Woodshed May 31st, 2010 9:48 am

    Hobbit: Vimeo is definitely slow. But I like it all the same. A much better signal:noise ratio than YouTube.

    Jim: Thanks!

    Donnie: Good enough for me. I’m sure I’ll cave in and get one before long.

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