Bess Rogers, Darren Hanlon: UkeTube

While I’m spending the weekend rocking out at Download (METAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!), you pansies can enjoy some la-di-da ukulele music including Bess Rogers, another ukulele playing ninja and a song about rain from, official International City of Rain 1987-2008, Manchester..

Bess Rogers – Travel Back

Holland Greco – Stuck

Darren Hanlon – All These Things

Thanks to Issy.

Lullatone – Bedroom Bossa Band

Sanford and Song – Dinah

Helen Keller’s Ukulele – Pipe Dream

needofriendly – Make the Change

Thanks to Ukulollo.

Bossarocker – We Can Live With Rain

Cristina Bautista – Once Electric

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