The Sweeney Theme (Tab)

The Sweeney Theme (Tab)

I’m not sure if I should admit I’ve never seen an episode of The Sweeney. I know the show invented the ‘I don’t play by the rules’ cop show but it’s such a cliche now it’s hard to watch. Unless they just go hilariously over the top as Luther did.

Anyway, on to the theme tune. The original version is in the uke-friendly key of Em so I’ve been able to keep the same key for this version. The main feature of the tune is the chromatically descending notes on the C-string. You have to keep this sounding strong while you play the melody notes against it.

For most of the tune I’m using my fingernail as a pick (holding it between my thumb and middle finger more firmly than I do for strumming). I chose to do this so I could get plenty of attack but also have more control over the single notes than you get with straight forward strumming. I only bust out the fingerpicking for the melancholic ending.

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