John Mayer – Say (Tab)

I’ve had quite a few requests for the little guitar figure from this song. Perhaps because the high capo takes it just about into ukulele territory. And I’m happy to do it because it’s a beautiful song and it gives me the shivers. It was the highlight of the film it was written for, The Bucket List. It’s very difficult to write a song on this subject without being mawkish or tiresomely literal (neither of which you could say about this Tim McGraw song) and John Mayer pulls it off perfectly.

Posting this has got me thinking about my own bucket list. It’s too personal to post here so I’ve put it up on the site I bought years ago and haven’t done anything with. There’s no sky-diving or witnessing the majestic on there.

Riff for High-G

Despite the sound of it, the riff is really tricky to play on high-g uke. I’ve simplified it to this:

Riff for Low-G

If you use low-G and a capo, you can play it the same way he plays it on the guitar (according to the tabs on the net). The uke is in low-G with the A-string tuned down to G and a capo on the third fret.


Verse and Chorus: Bb – Eb – Gm – F

Bridge: Cm – Eb – F

Outro: Gm – Bb – Eb

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