Radiohead/Amanda Palmer – Fake Plastic Trees (Chords)

Amanda Palmer/Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees (Chords)

Amanda Palmer’s much anticipated Radiohead-ukulele EP is out next week. So time for this one, I think.

It’s frustrating listening to Amanda Palmer’s music. She can be ball-crushingly awesome at times and bloody shit at other times. Often within the same song. Which is how I feel about this project. I certainly can’t say I like all I’ve heard.

But there are parts of this version I really like (and some I don’t) – she’s at least using the Pono rather than that nasty, red Hilo that she spends forever tuning without ever getting there. So I’ve written up this version of the chords.

Suggested Strumming

The main strumming pattern is more nifty than most. A bit too complex for usual notation so I’ll break out the slash notation and see if anyone understands it (hint: the strumming directions are at the bottom).

Here it is played slowly:

Strum 1

You can use the same strum for the G/Gadd11 and C/C6 changes like this:

Strum 2

But she tends to add in an extra bit of strumming:

Strum 3

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