Mumford & Sons – The Cave (Tab and Chords)

Mumford & Sons – The Cave (Chords)

So we’re all playing ukulele because of Mumford and Sons. According to the London Evening Standard and STV. Having inspired a ukulele boom is quite an achievement considering:

a) they released their debut album long after the resurgence began;
b) they’re not much known across the pond;
c) they don’t play ukuleles and
d) their big hit is in the key of E guaranteeing annoyed ukers.

Yes, this one is in E. So I’ve taken the usual step of moving it up to F for ease of playing. That means you’ll have to tune down half a step if you want to play along with the original. But it’s a top notch tune so worth the bother.

Twiddly Bits

The Cave (Intro Tab)

Intro and Verse

Even with the tuning down, this one takes a bit of finagling on uke. The picking I use is:

g and C = Thumb
E = Index
A = Middle

Suggested Strumming

All you need here is simple Strum #1 from the Strum Book: all down strums. But in the exciting parts, feel free to throw in any up strums you deem fit.

Chord Inversions

From the D minor chord in the chorus, I like to use these inversions of the chords:

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