Bigfoot and Tiki: Friday Links

Two podcasts dedicated to the ukulele: WNYC talk to Tony ‘Mighty Uke’ Coleman and have a cracking session from Buke and Gass (along with the interesting info that Aron from the band used to design instruments for the Blue Man Group). The Shuffle chat to Ty Olopai and play a bunch of uke tracks (listen to Show #10-34 Hour 2 – August 21, 2010).

If you’ve been knocking around uke sites for a while, you might remember which taught ukulele via cartoons of terrorists caving people’s faces in. Their new site Bigfoot and Tiki is rather less confrontational. That story starts here.

Jim D’Ville has a thought-provoking post about active listening. I’m definitely guilty of spending too much time listening to the voice(s) inside my head.

The Uke Battle.

Ukulele record falls short by 856. Awww bless.

“Musical Toy Guitar”.

Sophie Madeleine finds the name of Jake’s new album a little suspicious.

MP3s: Arborea have a free mp3 of their song Careless Love, Songs:Illinois has a lovely track from Datri Bean (ukulele and tuba not completely unknown of course), RockTantra have a ukulele mixtape (via Bossa), Eyes Wide Open have a track from Pepper Rabbit.

In the comments: Ukulelia‘s Gary has a few theories about the ukulele including, “the uke may be an especially good instrument for online videos because it’s easy to fit within the shot of a web cam.”

Pictures: Angry Natives ukulele, Sparkle Plenty Ukette, Malcolm Lowry’s rejected epitaph.

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