Asylum Street Spankers, Penguin Cafe Orchestra: UkeTube

It my not look like it, but I do put some thought into the order of videos in the UkeTube posts. Usually I’ll switch the around a bit and come up with something that I feel flows well fairly quickly. But this week I couldn’t come up with anything I was satisfied with. I’ve even taken a few videos out to get things to work better. I’m still not happy, so watch them in any order you please.

The selection includes catchy tunes from April Smith and Bella Hemming; something more challenging from The Acorn and The Penguin Cafe Orchestra; and some UFO spotting from the Asylum Street Spankers (who I should include on this site far more often).

April Smith and the Great Picture – Movie Loves a Screen

Thanks @dizzymisslizzie

The Acorn

Jessica Dennison – Grave

Asylum Street Spankers – UFO Attack

Bella Hemming – Cactus Song

Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Paul’s Dance

Thanks Jeff.

Michelle Blades – Casco Viejo

Garret Baker – For a Life of Harmony

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