The Ukulele Goneaway?: Friday Links

I think we can all agree that ‘ukulele comeback’ news like this piece in the Wall Street Journal is hopelessly out of touch. The comeback is old news, but recently I’ve been wondering if we’ve passed the high-tide mark. Certainly some of the people originally attracted to the uke for its uniqueness are moving away from it. Jens Lekman has vowed never to play it again, Stephin Merritt has moved on to bouzouki, the last Beirut album was uke-absent. Now even Ingrid Michaelson is ditching it for her next album because of its association with Hey, Soul Sister.

Volume 2 of Jim D’Ville’s Play Ukulele by Ear is out now.

There’s a ukulele group starting Nottingham. I’m considering going so if you’re planning on signing up, let me know.

Shigeto has some ukulele lessons in Japanese – but there are videos and tabs for the monolingual.

Ukes at the movies: Megamind and Giant Gila Monster.

MP3s: Free bandcamp tracks from Michelle Blades and entertainment for the braindead.

Pictures: Sharpie Pirate Wench Ukulele, Ukulele 2, but no good, uke4, Ukulele Jamboree poster (NSFW) and Ukulele Inferno poster.

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