Antarctica Takes It!, Bella Hemming: UkeTube

With three weeks’ videos to choose from, this post really packs the fantastic. This is usually the point where I say which is my favourite, but this time the first six are all contenders.

Antarctica Takes It! – C&F

Naive Thieves – We’re a Pair of Crutches

Bella Hemming – (She might love you if you learn to) Play Guitar

Lila Burns – Young Hearts Young Minds

Agathe and Fine – No Surprises

Michelle Blades – Like Wildflowers

The Pyles – If I Needed You

biliousbobnjohnnie – Original Dixieland Jass Band One- Step

Thanks Jeff.

Daisy Dobuyuki – Daisy Pop

You can skip the second song.

manutahi13 – There Goes My Baby

Las Taradas – Santa Marta tiene tren

Via Ukulele Languages

Les Poupées Gonflées- les copines de la femme de mon mari

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