Ukulele Poetry Slam: Friday Links

Since it was National Poetry Day yesterday, a few bits of ukulele inspired prose. ee cummings finishes oil tel duh woil doi sez with this line:

yoozwidduhpoimnuntwaiv un duhyookuhsumpnruddur

Which apparently translates into almost-readable as:

yousewiththepermanentwave and theukeorsomethingorother

Malcolm Lowry predicted his demise in Epitaph:

Malcolm Lowry
Late of the Bowery
His prose was flowery
And often glowery
He lived,nightly, and drank, daily,
And died playing the ukulele.

And Rupert Brooke struggles with the spelling in Waikiki

Warm perfumes like a breath from vine and tree
Drift down the darkness. Plangent, hidden from eyes
Somewhere an `eukaleli’ thrills and cries
And stabs with pain the night’s brown savagery.

It’s the Wukulele Festival this weekend and I’m going to be there (or at least wandering along the seafront near there). And so should you if you’ve got the chance. I mean, Bob Brozman is doing a set. By the by, I’m not sure where they got that quote from me from. closest I can recall is, “it’s the best uke festival line up this year.”

Hall of the Mountain King on Uker Tabs.

Knocked out by his own ukulele.

In the comments: We had an interesting discussion in the Tubular Bells thread. I should clarify: I think there’s a world of difference between ‘easy’ and ‘simple’. I think you should strive to play everything so it sounds as good as it can. And that’s even more difficult when you’re playing something simple.

But my favourite comment was one I couldn’t bring myself to publish: “I just love her. I mean you get a gorgeous girl + Orgasmic Voice + Sensual Ukelele = some ultimate musical God. I hope she reads this, I would pound her like yesterdays beef. Love Love”

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