Jim Boggia, Heidi Talbot: UkeTube

Considering how much I love Springsteen there’s very little of it on the blog. Hopefully, Jim Boggia’s incredible version of Thunder Road will make up for the lack of quantity with a surfeit of quality.

Also this week, Heidi Talbot with Boo Hewerdine (who provided uke for Hafdis Huld), David Beckhingham’s Stripper (tab for that coming up) and knock-out vocal performances from both Patsy Monteleone and Gabrielle Giguere.

Jim Boggia – Thunder Road

Gabrielle Giguere – Daughter

Ron Hargrave – Old Folks Home

Thanks to UkeToob

happyjoel – Rock Thru Time and Space

Heidi Talbot – Start It All Over Again

Patsy Monteleone – There’s A Cabin In The Pines

David Beckingham – The Stripper

Hundred Little Reasons – Someday

krabbers – slipping

She Makes War – Scared To Capsize

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