Happy Mondays – Step On (Riff) (Tab)

I’ve included the video with this one because I assume most colonials are unfamiliar with the Happy Mondays and I can’t think of any way to explain what a Bez is. But you’ll need one to play this.

Lots of riffs to get a hold of in Step On – all of them presented here in the original key.

Piano Riff

In the mp3 (at the bottom) I’m fingerpicking this one – it sounds sharper. But it works well strumming out the chords as well (C, D and G) but make it easy on yourself and use C6 (all the strings open) instead of C.

Strummed Version

Guitar Riff 1

The first guitar riff is pretty straight forward.

Guitar Riff 2

The second one changes around much more. Use this as a basis and play around with it.


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