Andrew Vincent, Misty Miller: UkeTube

I’ve been getting a lot of comments from people complaining about the endless stream of songs I feature about Ukrainian constitutional reform. I don’t want this blog to become musically 1 dimensional so, with deep apologies to those of working on snappy rhymes for Leonid Kuchma and fitting Law No. 2222-IV into pleasant scansion, this week’s song from Eugen will be the last I feature.

Also this week krabbers is in a similarly East European protest mood, Mad Tea Party railing against name-thieves, Andrew Vincent covers Daughtry to great advantage, Herman and Paulien remind me of when the Super Furry Animals were fabulous and Misty Miller (who has been causing a bit of stir down London way but I haven’t been entirely convinced by).

Andrew Vincent – Feels Like Tonight

thejumpingflea – A Celtic Inspired Original

Mad Tea Party – Hey Teabaggers, Leave Our Party Alone!

Eugen – Political Chastushki Number 2

Via Ukulele Languages

krabbers – Angry Bees

Herman and Paulien – The Nightingale

Agathe and Fine – Little Lion Man

GUGUG – Top of the Pops

Lil Rev – Banjo Ikey’s Old Time Blues

Misty Miller – Vampire

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