Ukulele Window Shopping

One of the many joys of YouTube is being able to find demonstrations and reviews of some of the more recent or more obscure ukes. Here are a few I found to be of interest:

– Solid-body electric ukes are a difficult thing to get right. I haven’t tried one that’s really nailed it. I like my RISA but I have reservations. And I hate my EleUke and I don’t care for the sound in most of the videos I’ve seen. So I’m always interested in new ones and Airline is a recent addition to the scene. Here’s a video of one in action (an nice little song as well).

– There is no way on earth I’d touch a Luna ukulele but people have been leaving positive reviews of their Luna’s (even for the person who had a bridge pop off). And Barnkicker Steve has been putting Luna’s range of ukes through their paces.

– Another guitar maker turned uke maker I’ve been a little suspicious of is Ibanez with their Iceman ukulele. Here’s a review of it from a guy who doesn’t like Guitar Center or commenters.

SpruceHouse is a name I’ve seen cropping up on eBay for years. They’ve always caught my eye but I hadn’t heard one until this video of Slim Symes

– Despite having their doojigggers on every page of the site, I’ve never investigated Boat Paddle Ukuleles very much. Here’s a comparison between a Boat Paddle and a KoAloha.

– Review of a Dave Talsma ukulele with a quick peek of the GOTOH stealth tuners at the two minute mark

Phil Re-entrant with a Rob Collins Travel uke. It sounds a bit weedy on the video (which you’d expect with such a small body) but he’s obviously very pleased with it.

Photos: The gang’s all here. Dark eyed man with ukulele.

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