Ukulele Christmas List

I used to be pretty easy to buy for. A CD or anything ukulele related would serve. Spotify has completely killed off the first and I have more ukulele stuff than anyone of limited abilities can make use of. So here’s a list for those of you dying to send me over-priced junk for Christmas (or my birthday – 9th Decemeber, make a note – for that matter). Feel free to add yours to the comments – Santa reads the blog.

1) RISA LP: This year’s wishlist contains just one uke. And a decidedly non-standard uke at that. I have no intention of laying down the uke, but I am starting to feel a bit restricted and I’m eager to try out some new sounds – perhaps why so much of the stuff I want is a bit gimmicky.

2) Effects Pedals: I do like my nasty, lo-fi sounds. I’ve ordered myself a WMD Geiger Counter and I like sound of many of Subdecay’s pedals – not least the Prometheus. All of which I intend to use to play songs like this.

3) Zoom Q3HD: Most of the handheld cameras out there are a good picture rather than decent audio. But Zoom come at it from the other direction. They’ve long been churning out very handy portable audio recorders and the new video camera is very impressive. Here’s a useful sound comparison video.

4) An Electric Autoharp: Maybe I’ve just got a thing for folk instruments that get dismissed but are capable of creating wonderful music. Cory McAbee’s use of it has also got me curious.

5. Books: My two favourite reads of this year have been And Did Those Feet and The Big Short. So I’m looking to get my hands on Charlie Connelly’s new one and anything else by Michael Lewis. On a more decorative note, the Wainwright box-set.

6. A Flat with an Office/Music Room

7. Caterpillar Vinson boots in black: I have a pair of these in brown and they are the best thing I have ever put my feet in.

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