Friday Links

Photos of ukes from the 2010 Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition with this one being the nuttiest.

I think I recognise this banner (Thanks to Tim).

Jim Beloff finds his bliss.

I don’t want anyone to get the impression I might respect women for their intelligence, energy and individuality, but I’m slightly flabbergasted that beauty contests are still going on. This is wrong in so many ways (comments are disabled but you can still express yourself via the medium of thumbs).

Molly Lewis interviewed on MusicLA (looks like her MySpace wish has already come true).

An interesting way to think about chord progressions from guitarkadia.

MP3s: Daytrotter session from Neutral Uke Hotel, Sophie Madeleine on Beatles Complete on Ukulele.

In Soviet Russia my fleas have dog.

Photos: Kochel guitars, Ukulele Ike, Groomsmen.

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