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The March 2011 edition of podcast is up and has a hilarious session from Midland punk rocker Uke’s Not Dead. As always, Bossa has turned up a bunch of great tunes, mostly from people I’ve never heard before, and included a healthy dose of toilet language.

We’re still looking for someone to do a session for the April show so if you’re interested and can get yourself to Manchester send an email to

You can find the rest of the podcasts here.

The full playlist:

1. Gwyn Edwards – St Guinefort etc.

2. Evanescent – The Palace of the Wind

3. Eloise Boutry – A Little Adventure Called Life

4. Jen Kwok – I Don’t Think About Dying

5. Small Engine Repair – Pass the Time

6. Uke’s Not Dead (Live in Session) – Jeremy Kyle

7. Uke’s Not Dead (Live in Session) – Oi, Kid! Don’t Be A Hoody

8. Uke’s Not Dead (Live in Session) – Ah, Fuck. I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

9. The Brass Traps – Drunk Mosquito

10. Salwa Azar – Floating in Milk

11. Naked Girls & Aeroplanes – Rough Love

12. Kirsty McGee – Sandman

13. Thingumabob & the Thingumajigs – Two Sips

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