Patsy Cline/Willie Nelson – Crazy (Tab)

Patsy Cline/Willie Nelson – Crazy (Tab)

As threatened when I did the Gnarls Barkley Crazy, here’s a simple arrangement of the Patsy Cline/Willie Nelson version. It’s a little more advanced than Pua Lililehua and Sakura Sakura, there’s one jazz chord (but it’s easy to play). The one tricky thing are the bends in bar 21. If you’re not up on bends, just play C in bar 20 and C7 in bar 21.

The tab includes just the bare bones of it. It’ll sound right played as it is (if a little sparse). In my version I’ve included backing strums. For that you just strum the chords that you’re already holding down. For example, in bars 5 and 6 you’d strum the Gm shape 0765 and in bar 14 you’d use the Bb shape X565 (or 7565 if you wanted to fill it out).


A quick video showing the bends in bar 21.

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