Friday Links

After all the hullabaloo, the Grammys have dropped their Best Hawaiian Album category along with a number of others.

Uke Geeks has a couple of doodads that help you pretty up your chord charts and make your plain-text tabs more handsome.

In Videos: Nellie McKay did a Tiny Desk Session for NPR, Tiny McItchyface‘s follow up to his huge success was very understated – it’s been up months (on a different channel) and has fewer than 50,000 views, Bartt plays blindfolded, Scott Matthew does a session for Shoot the Player.

In pictures: Fishy ukuleles, Eddie Vedder’s poster.

In it for the money: Shiny and the Spoon are raising money to make their new record Ferris Wheel. And Bess Rogers is looking for $10 to kill a songwriting hamster.

In the comments: It turns out I misled you in my Beatles riffs post. A Mr ‘Someone who knows what he’s talking about’ kindly pointed out my mistake:

Come Together sounds awful and day tripper is wrong. this site is total bullcrap. I could find better material underneath my shoe. Poophead: Hammer-ons means you slide from 5-7.

Day Tripper goes:

– 3-1
– 3

Besides, what kind of a rule is a no-beatles rule? If this site had beatles, then I would come here 24/7. This is an embarrassment to all ukulele players

A million sorries for my mistake. Here’s how the correct version sounds.

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