Pegasus Bridge, Benny Chong: UkeTube

Burberry are throwing a lot of nice clothes at ukers: Misty Miller, General Fiasco, Acoma and, this week, Pegasus Bridge. If this is general policy, can I put in an order for one of these? Size: the fattest one you make.

Not quite so well dressed but just as entertaining this week are Hawaiian soloist Benny Chong, Irish troubadour Peter Delaney, Japanese jazz-nutters Bliki Circus and many more besides. I should warn you, there’s lots of extended jazz noodling this week.

Benny Chong – Nearness of You

Pegasus Bridge – Yoko

Bliki Circus

Thanks to Ron Hale.

UkesterBrown – There’s Everything Nice About You

Peter Delaney – O, Great Father Ocean

Sungha Jung – Mission Impossible

Jen Miller – Forget Your Face

Jim D’Ville and Rose Turtle Ertler – The Redcliffe Rag

4 Strings of Swing – So What?

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