Obama and U K L Lee: Friday Links

Local Registrar on Barack Obama’s birth certificate was one ‘U K L Lee’.

New live album from the UOGB on the way: Still Live. Tracks include new tour hits like Hot Lips and Good Sculptures and new versions of old favourites like Le Freak and Monster. Full track list on UOGB Frog Fans.

MP3s: New Re-entrants album available on CDBaby and iTunes, Jake Wildwood has a new instrumental record for free download, Thea Gilmore does a uke cover of John Wesley Harding on her new Dylan cover album.

The Hitachi Ukulele contest shambles I mentioned last week is rolling on. After complaints from schools they will look at the sites sending traffic and, “if we deem those sites to be inappropriate or unacceptable within the spirit of the competition then they will be disqualified.” I’m not sure how people are supposed to control which sites link to them. Or if it’s legal to change contest rules after they’ve finished in Australia.

She Geek does a ukulele song for Portal 2 (I still haven’t finished it).

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