Asylum Street Spankers, Dala: UkeTube

It’s a shame I never got to see the Asylum Street Spankers live before they split up. They were one hell of a band. Two video this week from their trio of final shows; one with Pops Bayless on uke duties and the other with Christina Marrs.

Quick warning: I’m going to try to move the site this weekend (if I get the courage) so it will be down for some time. I’m not sure how long. Last time I tried it was a bit of a disaster.

The Asylum Street Spankers – My Favorite Record

Four Spirits of Rhythm – Tom,Tom

Thanks to Ian from the Jive Aces.

krabbers – leave a light on for me so i can find my way home

Asylum Street Spankers – Superchief

sanfordandsong – I Want You

Pyjama Party

Ukulelezo – So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Eva Walsh – Hit & Run

Alba – Motörhead

Dala – Moon River

Thanks to Marie.

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