The Who: Chord Riffs

I’ve been terribly remiss in not featuring The Who in my Riffs for Ukulele series (although I did write up their ukulele song Blue, Red and Grey). So to make up for it here are four Who chord riffs.

Can’t Explain


Be careful with this riff. There’s a slight variation on it at the end of the first verse (after ‘down in my soul’). They play a B chord instead of an A chord on that one occasion.

The strumming pattern for this one is the old down, down, up, down, down, up, windmill, windmill, windmill.



The chord inversions are really important in this one. I moved the inversions higher up than the original so the relationship between them is similar.

Pinball Wizard

A lot of moving from sus4 to major chords. I changed my mind about the fingering for Asus4 and A. I wrote it up with the standard fingering, but decided that using ring and pinkie for Asus4 and middle and ring for A made for a much easier transition after the B.


The Seeker


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