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Social Links

If you’re looking for me online you can find me on Twitter and on Tumblr. And I’ve started a Google+ where you can find an exclusive tab.

I’m also experimenting with Twitter/Facebook/Google +1 buttons at the bottom of posts. I’ll give it a while and see if anyone is clicking on them and, if they are, which ones are getting used. So if you want them to stay click on your preferred method at the bottom of this post (or any other – if it’s working right).

General Links

A couple of gorgeous videos of Huakani ukuleles being made.

Ukegnome tweeted something I’ve noticed of late: the ukulele is getting very popular in Thailand. You can find out what’s happening on UkuleleThai (if you happen to read Thai).

Stereogum have a premature evaluation of the forthcoming Beirut album, The Rip Tide. I’m expecting plenty of uke since it’s named after one.

Article in The Independent about The Duke of Uke closing.

Prince Charles strums a margarine tub ukulele.

Ukulele Window Shopping

After my last Window Shopping post, Ron Hale pointed out that you can buy the sitar-kuleles on Amazon.

Lego ukulele for sale on Elderly (via Ukulelia)

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