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Ramon Novarro: Friday Links

Ramon Novarro: Friday Links

If anyone suggests to you that ukuleles aren’t sexy, send them Ramon Novarro’s ukulele seduction (via Ukulele Porn) from the equally steamy film The Pagan.

Pictures: Uke, I am your father (via @mytvisevil), Chameleon Ukulele (via ukuleles.tumblr.com.

Two ukulele playing ducks: this one who is adorable. And this one who is a badass mother funker.

Ukulele Blues from 1924 (via Ukulelia).

Rockstar uke-spotting: The Pixies (Thanks to Paul)

Fullmetal Alchemist on Uker Tabs.

From the comments: In the Ellie Goulding post, Christine said something I should probably paste into every tab I do:

Everyone just calm down, feel the song, and it’ll sound great, it really doesn’t matter if it’s exactly the same as the vid, nobody’s going to test you :)

What would you do if you came home and found me in your living room naked playing ukulele?

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