Saturday UkeTube

I think I might be breaking the cardinal rule of the internet by featuring an anti-cat song this week. If you’re of a strongly pro-cat bent, skip the Uke’s Not Dead track and watch this instead (or this one which seems to be equally enjoyed by cat lovers and haters).

Also this week a non-ukulele selection: Dennis Lobo from Venezuela playing bandola (and backed up by cuatro). You can find out about those and many other South American plucked instruments on this page – check out the charanguita.

Uke’s Not Dead – Your Cat

Dennis Lobo – El Lobito de la Bandola

Tomas Karmelo – Arms of a Woman

Eugene – Ukulele Polka

Diane Rubio – Caravan

Magdalen Fossum – Heeby Jeebies

Lila Burns – Barefeet

Ben Mealer – (You’re) Nobody’s Sweetheart (Now)

Lauren Shera – Red Paint

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