Lisa Hannigan, Little Stevies: UkeTube

Lots of good stuff this week but my favourite is Lisa Hannigan doing some boat-ukuleling. Also up: U to the izz-9 0 to the izz-0 take on a new cover project, hellogoodbye with Taylor York off of Paramore on uke duties, Aussie songsters The Little Stevies, power-popping electro-uke from Toy Horses and plenty more besides.

Lisa Hannigan – Knots

Toy Horses – Loyal to the Cause

hellogoodbye featuring Taylor York – Getting Old

U900 – I Want You Back

The Quiet American – Talk Is Cheap

otterbone – I Know You Rider

The Heftones and Lil Rev – I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll

Nicholas Abersold -Dead Serious

The Little Stevies – The Day We Went Away

Opus Orange – Nothing But Time

Thanks to Al Bruce.

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