Friday Links

100 ukulele players help to open the Rugby World Cup.

Charlie McDonnell has become the first UK vlogger to cross the million subscribers mark and the press coverage has really focussed on his uke playing. Including on ITV’s Daybreak (another video here if you’re outside the UK).

Ukulele for Dummies has picked up its first bad review. Which I was expecting to happen. But it’s annoying that the review seems to be based on solely on the video clip on the page. So if you’ve got a copy, now would be the perfect time to leave a review. Good, bad or indifferent. So long as it’s based on the actual book. I’d really appreciate it. And a huge thanks to everyone who has left review.

Fozzie Bear is confirmed as my favourite Muppet. He’s hot shit on the ukulele and shreds Kermit to pieces (thanks to Carrie).

10 Warren Buffett quotes for guitar players – obviously meant for ukulele players.

Eardumspop is giving away three songs from Laura K.

I’ve been turned into a work of art.

Youngsters are bored by ukulele festivals.

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