Martin Ukulele History: Friday Links

Germans in Grass Skirts?: A history of Martin ukuleles (Via @UkeTeeCee).

David’s official uke rules. Including:

– Don’t say you play the ukulele if you just own one and don’t touch it.
– Don’t be an overly happy asshole
– Don’t constantly flit around reminding everyone you play the ukulele…
– …Unless you’re James Hill. Then you fucking rock.

I was interviewed by Ukulele and Languages.

Jake interviewed by Fretboard Journal. One revelation:

FJ: Do you prefer slotted headstocks?

You know, it really doesn’t matter to me. However Kamaka prefers to build them, that’s how I take ‘em.

Frank Skinner Plays the banjolele on QI.

Buy the Bigfoot and Tiki collection.

Kickstarting: The Love Leighs.

MP3s: Bosco and Honey on ABC Sydney, Songs Illinois has Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapels, Fluxblog has Tune-Yards.

Middle lead of The Beatles’ Something on Uker Tabs.

Pictures: The situation was deteriorating rapidly, The Magic Ukulele, vintage ukers, O.M.G. A U.K.E. : Ukuleles in Pop Culture.

If I give my ukulele a girl’s name will people think I’m a lesbian?

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