Amanda Palmer – Ukulele Anthem (Chords)

Amanda Palmer – Ukulele Anthem

Quick tip: When a chord diagram has a number in the top right that means it starts at that fret. So in this song the Bb6 is played at the fifth fret: 0565.

I’ve had a bunch of requests for this song which Amanda Palmer has been playing on her mini-tour of the Occupies. Usually when I’ve finished writing up a song I’m very clear on whether I love it or hate. This time I still have no idea. But I’m certain about a few things:

1. It has some great lines in it.
2. Shepherd ‘Obama Hope’ Fairey’s cover art is fantastic.
3. I need to change what I use the term ‘wand of thunder’ to refer to.


For the recorded version, the ukulele is tuned down about half a step to F# B Eb Ab. But she’s using standard tuning in this video.

Suggested Strumming

To get that authentic Amanda Palmer sound really scrape into the strings and keep your arm rod-stiff.

A simple pattern that will keep you going through the song is:

d – d u – u d u

In the verses and choruses, use that twice for the first three chords then once each for G7sus4 and G7.

Buy the MP3 on Bandcamp.

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