Uke Hunt Podcast #12 Christmas Edition

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Uke Hunt Christmas Podcast 2011 in your face.

Packed with Christmassy tracks from acts including former session guests Uke’s Not Dead and Helen Arney. As with any Christmas, it contains swearing and adult themes.

1. Alfred Williams – The Queen’s Rap

2. Uke’s Not Dead & Helen Arney – Just for Christmas

3. Thomas Oliver Jones – Gabriel

4. Sara Dennis & Gavin Wood – (Be Mine) This Christmas Time

5. Ballard C. Boyd – The Firewood Song

6. Lloyd Gabriel – Choking You

7. Shiny and the Spoon – Buried

8. Jane Cameron – Cold Dead Leaves: Get the EP on Bandcamp

9. Ryan Patterson – Stainless Steel Man

10. Phredd – Merry Pirate Christmas

You can get in touch and submit tracks for consideration if you follow the rules (particularly the one about file format) via:

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