Uke Hunt Podcast #13: Lila Burns Interview

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Podcast #13 in your face.

The January 2012 podcast features an interview with Lila Burns (where everyone finds out they’ve been pronouncing her name wrong) and plenty of excellent tracks.


1. Lloyd Gabriel – Unhook Your Heart
2. Kiwafruit – Alone And Thinking Of You
3. Megg Farrell’s Whiskey Social – O’ Fear Nothing, Ms Bennet
4. The Great Sebaldo – Man On The Train
5. Sara Dennis – Lost Times
6. Lila Burns – Witching Hour
7. Lila Burns Interview Part 1
8. Lila Burns – Again and Again
9. Lila Burns Interview Part 2
10. Lila Burns – Timeline
11. Spoon Blind Williams – Oh! Wow
12. The K – Unusual Possibilities
13. Manitoba Hal – Down In Pubnico

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